"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."

Ida Scott Taylor

Monday, July 20, 2015

It's all about the FOCUS

Here it is July of 2015 and I haven’t blogged since last October!   I started to do so in the beginning of 2015 and never posted it.  But this post is still true today for me.  I am learning a lot about how quickly I lose focus….but also about how wonderful focusing is when you make it intentional in your life.  So therefore, I will put away my pride and share this post which I meant to share with you at the beginning of the year. Hope it encourages you as well to begin today what you may have put off in your life.


Yes, this is my 2015 word to live out
for this year.  At first thought about the word focus, it felt a bit tight and constrained to me.  But the other day, as I was sitting and talking to God  and looking up at the treetops outside, I felt Him whisper into my soul this word.

I had been on my walk and like always when out in nature,  I forgot about the hustle and bustle of other things and my heart was bouncing with gratitude for the beauty of the creation around me.  I stopped to smell the sweet pine aroma from a small pine branch and then sat down to thank God for the refreshing moments he had just given me. It never fails.. In these moments of thanksgiving, my mind becomes flooded with so many new creative ideas. They were all swirling around in my head. "How will I accomplish these ideas Lord? How can I get them all done? Where and how do I begin? But what if ...and ...and....I don't want to be a dreamer, and a researcher and learner only with no complete action taken like I have done so many times in the past."

Then I looked up again and quieted my rambling mind and decided to just stop, wait and listen......... 
wait Lee Ann..listen...listen..

And He quietly did answer me with a whisper to my soul: 

(I recorded his whispers into my journal)

"Focus on Me my child.Give each day to me and listen for me to tell you what to do. Do not be concerned about doing it all. When you make it a priority to focus on me, I will take all of those creative thoughts and systematically show and tell you what to do that day. You can count on ME to be there and to guide your heart, mind, feet and hands each and every day.  All you need do is make me your daily FOCUS first. FOCUS on me and my whispers... 
I KNOW you Lee Ann.
 I am your Heavenly Father
 and I LOVE you."

A man’s heart plans his way,
but the Lord directs his steps.
  Proverbs 16:9

Peace and amazing focus
 to all of YOU, my lovely blog friends!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Letting Go by Changing Perspective

Hello my friends!
It's been awhile, I know.
Been busy with lots of changes this summer
and needed to take a little break from blogging.
I'm hoping I haven't lost all of 
my blogging buddies.

I'm hoping you are finding
 time to do all of the things that are
 important to you
 and have taken time to enjoy
 the in between parts, 
from the busyness of life.
If you are like me, you have to 
be intentional in planning
 to make sure 
you are balancing the busyness.

So getting back to what
 I've been learning about the
 "letting go" 
of what holds us
back from all God has planned for us.

I tell you what!  I had no idea how
 relevant choosing the
 as my 2014 word would be.
It seems there are lessons everyday for me 
as I watch for ways 
to throw off the extra baggage of 
letting go of things
  I don't need, but thought
Do you find this to be true for you when 
 trying to be intentional
about watching
 for baggage you are carrying that
you really don't need?

This is where the kid in me always wants to
Stop.. Stand up and with arms spread wide, begin to sing 
at the top of my lungs..
.. .. LET IT GO… …LET IT GO….

(from the Disney movie, FROZEN)
and sing it until I believe it!!


I'd like to share with you about
something that happened in my life 
at the beginning of summer, without giving 
the details. 
(those are better left unsaid and as my own learning experience)
This way you can relate by making the details
fit whatever you are going through. 

This thing that happened just kind of
rocked my world in the grieving way. I had to 
make a tough choice that I wasn't expecting.
At first I thought the choice was about 
something I could control, so I began
figuring it out through my own
mindful process....you know the old
if I do this, but if I do that, or how can I 
do this so that the this I want will happen....
etc.. etc... etc... ha!
But I learned quickly that it 
wasn't something I could control...so
 it hurt a lot!
I will be honest,  for a day or so,  I let the victim 
mentality be my best friend- feeling sorry for 
myself..  grieving a loss that felt undeserved.

God then sent me a wise friend,  who after 
I told her I was feeling like Daniel in the Bible,
having to go into the Lion's Den,  she
responded.." Now Daniel, walk humbly and with God's peace.  Let Him do the heavy lifting. God will sort this all out."

I so needed reminded of that!
 His peace is such sweet peace, no matter
 what you are going through.

 All of a sudden,
I changed my perspective 
on everything that was happening. 
Instead of the victim mentality, I realized 
that God was orchestrating new plans for me...
...I just didn't know what they were yet.
I was excited about my future!!
I was no longer stressed over it all.  
I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God
was up to something good in my life
 and I could trust HIM 
and give up that control that
 was making me miserable.  
And you know what?
Within hours  (and I'm not exaggerating), 
those new and exciting things
 began happening in my life. 
And they are happenings 
that could only have come, because God put them in action.

"The freedom to actually be on an 
adventure with God becomes strangely
possible when you aren't pushing 
so hard for the package."
Paula Rinehart

If I had not Released
 that victim mentality by
changing my perspective instead to that of
"God was Orchestrating" something new
 and wonderful in my life,
 then I could have 
missed the great plans he was waiting 
to set in place for ME!!!

I know this was a long post and also overdue!
Thank you for bearing with me.
I hope it has been an encouragement
to you, especially if you need to 
Release something you really don't need.
Maybe, like me, all you need to do
is to change your Perspective!


I waited patiently for the Lord;He turned to me and heard my cry.He lifted me out of the slimy pit,out of the mud and mire;he set my feet upon a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.”Psalm 40:1-2

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Bittersweetness of this Day

It's bad when you've been so behind
 in putting up new posts on 
your blog that you re-post one
 you've already posted and written before.
I hope you will forgive me,
 but this post 
is in honor of my mother on Mother's Day.

And to all of you women who find Mother's Day  to 
be sad or bittersweet because you have lost your mother,
or maybe wished you had known them better or in a different way, etc...
I want you to know you are not alone. 
I understand and here is a heart hug from me. 
You may also find comfort in this special post that 
Lisa Jo Baker has penned on Lysa Terkeurst blog.
(just click on the title link in pink below)

It certainly touched me!


here is my original post from May 2013
A Beautiful HEART
(in honor of my mother)

I hope all of you mother's out there have a
very special Mother's Day tomorrow.

Mother's Day has always been a
bittersweet day for me in some 

I love being a mother
 to our beautiful inside and out
daughters, Jessica and Jaymie, who are 
now adult mothers themselves.
What a blessing God bestowed upon me to be given the 
blessing of being their momma.

They live states away from us now, 
so although I won't 
get to hug them in person and spend time 
with them tomorrow, they are forever
 a part of my HEART
 and I'm sending them my  hugs and kisses.

My own mother passed away 19 years ago,
 the day after my 39th birthday.

-my mother and father holding little ole' me-

My mother had the most beautiful smile
 and a kind heart.
When I was a little bitty girl, she would sing 
and do little dance moves as 
she cleaned the house. 
 I do remember how this would
 make me giggle
 and would put a smile in my heart.
I knew she loved me.

But in her mid-twenties, she developed a
mental illness disorder that changed 
her life in many ways.
I tear up now just thinking about the pain she endured
 and how the illness 
took her farther away from us.

 Doctors know so much more about this illness now
 and how to treat it, 
much more than they knew back then.
Families had very little knowledge
 and support on how
 to live with and  help their loved one through
 this illness at that time. 

mom and me (1957)

On Mother's Day especially, 
I always think
about the special things I remember about my mom, but
also wish I could have known her more 
on a deeper mother/daughter level
that the illness masked from
all it could have been.
I'm so thankful for the time I did have
and for the times over the years
where the illness mask would
come down for a time
and her beautiful HEART 
would always shine through.

One day I will see her again in heaven
as the momma I remember, 
singing and dancing as she made me giggle.

Me, my 2 sisters and brother.
I'm the oldest in the back
with the too tight of a curly home permanent
my grandma gave me!

I don't know your mother story,
but I do know this....
whatever it is, be it wonderful, strained
or fair...that God can take
it, yes...all of it, and teach you good things
that will make you a better mother yourself. 
 He will use your life experiences,
 ( the good and  painful)
 to make you the person you are, the one
you want to be, when
you choose to allow him to help you.
I couldn't do it without him.

Love and Hugs,