"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."

Ida Scott Taylor

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Your Name Is On My List

Wishing you all a wonderful
and filled
Thanksgiving holiday!

This year I have added YOU
  to my blessings list 
that I am so thankful for. 
Truly, each of you
are special to me and have blessed
my life in such a wonderful way.
Too wonderful to put into words! 
I know it is not just by chance that we
have become friends, but 
instead I believe
God ordained our meeting.

I've added one of my favorite quotes below
to one of my watercolor paintings.
I hope you will like this quote that
reminds me of you.

Thank Y♥U 
from my heart!

author of quote is.... Corrie Ten Boom
and watercolor painting by me,
 Lee Ann Garrett

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Favor of Your Words!

Hi everyone! 
Hey, would you do me a favor if 
you have some extra time?


Our oldest daughter
  and family moved
to a new city in Pennsylvania last summer. 
I have always lived 
in the same Indiana county
most all of my life
and have lived in this 
same home for over 30 years.

Our daughter, Jessica
doesn't live close by our family
  and she is a young wife and mommy. 
They love their new residence
but there are times 
 that I know she wishes
and I wish that I could go over
and tell her to go out and do something
just for her
and I watch the kiddos so she could enjoy some 
quiet time by herself.
I know she yearns for this too.

Do you remember those days
of being a young mommy?
Wishing you had some coffee quiet time to yourself?

Recently, Jessica wrote
this post on her blog.
 My mind went back to those mommy days of 
how hard it was to feel you were doing it all well 
(trying desperately to be Superwoman)
and  still find time for yourself.

I really didn't have
lots of words of wisdom,
but knew that
I could ask my blogging friends
to do something really special 
that I know
would encourage her.
Woman are so good at doing
that encouraging thing for one another. 
You certainly have for me so many times.

If you get a moment, 
would you click over to her blog

and give 
her some encouragement and 
even some laughs about
this time and how
it shall pass
so quickly in her life?
(no pressure, because I know how busy life is)

Thank YU
my dear encouraging
blogging buddies!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Impossibilities Give Room For Miracles

Whoa!  I am so glad to be back to blogging 
and am more than ready to 
check in on all of you again.

I have missed my time with YOU...
You have all become such a big
  part of me.
Whoever thinks when
they begin blogging for the first time,
such as I did in the fall of 2009,
that they will meet so many wonderful
and real friends through a computer screen?
I think the bond is because we all  have
some what of a writer's heart ♥
or we wouldn't be drawn to this type of format.

“Impossible situations can become possible miracles.”

Robert H. Schuller 

When changes come into our lives
they can be disguised 
as bad things when really they are good and 
sometimes wonderful things.
This past summer I unexpectedly lost my job.
It was a job in a school system, which
fit my life perfectly and allowed
me to be off work in the summertime
which then allowed me more time to be
creative and pursue my love of art.
It also gave us time and money to travel
to go and visit our sweet little grandchildren
and their mommy (our oldest daughter ♥)
and daddy,  who live nine hours away.

Even though I was off work
in the summertime,
we still counted on my paycheck 
through the school months and stretched it out.

I began to fear, but pressed on and 
created more and more
with my time instead.
God taught me
some very great lessons
about myself
and showed me how to dig deep within  and
pull out more parts of ME
that I didn't know existed before.
HE knew they were there all along!
In times of crisis we often
more creative out of necessity and 
new and great things can come 
from that painful stretching and growing.
Things like the:
"We've been there" moments 
that we get to share with our children and
grandchildren when we find them 
going through something 
painful and stretching later on in their lives.
I even grew in the area of selling my creations
and my imagination seemed to expand
during this time.
 It also gave me a deeper heart for
those who suddenly find themselves jobless.
Whenever we get
a deeper heart for others,
we really do become better people.
Don't you think so too? 
no matter what  YOU are going through,
I believe God is doing
little miracles
  for YOU all along the way.
Just like he has 
and will continue to do for me.
We just have to remember to watch for them.

Then you know what God
 did for me next? Out of seemingly nowhere,
He provided for me the 
most wonderful opportunity.
He gave me a new part-time job at a place
I have for many years wanted to
be a part of.
Since it is part-time, I will also have 
time to continue on with
my dream 
of creating my art.
 My new job is at a very special place.
I believe it fits well 
with the gifts God has placed 
inside of me.
I am now working at a Hospice organization
called New Hope Hospice.
And what is even greater is I get to see this sweet face!

 This is our youngest daughter Jaymie.
She is a Social Worker at New Hope Hospice.
Woo Hoo! 
Even my sweet daughter wanted 
her momma to come and work where she works!
That is a very special blessing to me.
Don't you love her eyes?
I think she got the goofy gene naturally
from you know who.
Balanced of course with wisdom! (grin)

So to YOU my friends,
  watch for your special miracles.
I just know that God 
has them planned for YOU too!