"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."

Ida Scott Taylor

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Number One Secret For Beauty

(enjoying my nature find after my walk...so had to tip toe through the tulips..he he) 

As I get older, even with the aches, pains and wrinkles that come 
with the aging process, I am more persuaded that
the the best beauty secret of all
is this special ingredient:


I have found that you cannot just decide
to be joyful...because it must
come from deep inside of
a GRATEFUL and Contented HEART.
And I know it doesn't mean that you are happy
all of the time.  It's much deeper than that.
I've known some wonderful people 
who have gone or are going
through some major trials, and yet
their joyful spirit is the first thing you notice.
It's contagious!

For me, I believe that gratefulness
comes when taking the time to recognize, remember and give thanks to my
 loving Heavenly Father, 
who gave it all for me and who 
continues to love and take 
care of me.
(in spite of all of my failures)
even when 
I don't understand why in the world
I have to go through this pain and trial
of a particular moment in time.
And believe me,
 sometimes it takes me some
 extra days to be grateful during those times.
Sometimes, I have to shed many tears of pain
and cry out the word "WHY" before
I can lay it to rest in the Lord's hands, 
for at least today.
Then tomorrow I may have to give it back
 and rest it
in HIS hands again.
(grinning as I realize God's unconditional love never gives up on us)

“It is His joy that remains in us
 that makes our joy full.” ~ A. B. Simpson

He is always faithful to deliver on his promises.
He never leaves us to go through our trials alone.

He even sends new life,
 like in these pretty spring flowers to
remind us that everything must go through
it's seasons of shedding the old, 
the agony of the long
winter waiting with no blooms in site, 
before the new
growth that is buried can come out with the freedom of
 glorious and joyful beauty!

I love it, when in the middle of a woodsy area
 you find a pop of flowery color.
It's as if God himself planted it in this
exact and surprising little spot
so that it would stand out 
and bring a blessing to a person
he knows will need encouragement for the day.
Just like He plants us!

We will be on our way to Pennsylvania
 in the morning
to have fun taking care 
of our 2 sweet grandchildren, while 
their mommy and daddy are at a retreat.
....then while there,
 we will also be celebrating
 our granddaughter's 6 year birthday!
(I cannot believe she is this old already)
I will certainly be taking pictures and coming 
back to share them with you.

I know this for sure.....I am
so thankful for each of you. Truly, your
friendship helps grow the joy inside 
of my heart.

~thank yu...thank yu...thank yu~
you are so beautiful to me!!