"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."

Ida Scott Taylor

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sometimes You Need A Little Nudge!

There are times that having setbacks
can cause all kinds of fears to 
pop up their ugly heads. It would be so 
tempting to let them keep you from 
beginning a new journey
or keep you from continuing on the road 
towards your dream or God-given plan.

I almost didn't show you this art journal page, 
because of the erasing and over doing in spots to the 
point that I couldn't fix it.
I decided since it is my own journal page,
from the heart of me,
that I would forgo perfection  and 
show you anyway. Hopefully, the message
will shine through. 

At this time, I am not continuing 
on with Beth Moore's book
So Long Insecurity, 
but I will later. I had to take it back
to the library because there was 
a long list of people waiting on it!
 I love the book, although it is very deep and I had
to read it slowly so I could sink it all in.
After buying one of my own,
I will then continue blogging about it.

So now back to setbacks and needing
a little nudge!  Sometimes I even
need a little PUSH!
Can any of you relate?

"We can edit later, but first
you must begin."
unknown author 

"The Lord delights in a man's way, 
he makes his steps firm;
though he stumble, he will
not fall, for the Lord
upholds him with HIS hand." 
Psalm 37:23-24
I've had God, family, and friends
nudge me at different times along the
way in my journeys,
and I'm not sure I would have had
the courage, had they not.
That is why 
we should never
underestimate the power of our
affirming words 
given to someone else.

I love this quote by
John Maxwell
"  When you have a passion deep down
inside-there will be a God confidence that
will come along side of you, that will equip 
you for the task that is ahead."

The sad thing is, if we give into
our fears and don't BEGIN, then it will
keep us from ever getting the chance
to grasp that
God confidence 
which is waiting for us
right up the road.

I'm saying this for myself as much as
I'm saying it for YOU.
Let's quit putting off beginnings!
Whatever it is, I know YOU can do it!
YOU can BEGIN!!!!

I'm nudging you on.....
to that wonderful thing that is 
waiting on YOU.

We can edit later!! he he


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am sitting here with my daughter 
in the hospital being 
very thankful that my hubby
made it through 
surgery with flying colors!!!!  

We found out a few days ago that he
did not have food poisoning 
over the weekend, but 
instead it was his nasty gallbladder 
that needed
removed so he could get better.
I know that lots of people have had
this kind  of surgery and told me
it was a breeze, but
none the less 
I couldn't rest in my heart
until the doctor came out and told 
me it was over and all went well.
So I'm praising my Heavenly Father for 
getting my honey through this today.
Can you here me -----

This was us when we were dating in 1975
YES, we are old--but young at heart! 

Thank you for those of you that have 
been praying  
for him and for me.

Lee Ann

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Over But Not Finished!

Hi everyone!
I've missed you. Sorry I haven't posted 
for over a week. Actually, I've been busy creating
and trying to keep my mind off of 
some  junk life threw at me recently.  I'm sure you've
had times like that too if you are human 
like me.  Also my hubby had a rough last few days
due to( we think) food poisoning from when
we ate out.  I felt so helpless knowing there was
nothing I could do to help him through it
other than waiting with him for it to pass.
While busy creating I came up with
this watercolor painting- pendant I am calling
Geo Blue Attitude

Soooo...on to a better week ahead!
I hope you won't mind if I share about a
 sermon message I heard this week that
really hit home with me.
 It was all about endings and beginnings and 
how those endings or finishes to 
something can sometimes cause us
to feel defeated and even to some it can feel 
like the good life is over!

Maybe you've come to an end, 
or a finish to something
like a job loss or a relationship loss or
financial loss, end of a season, etc... and you 
are tempted to STOP THERE.  Ready 
to give up on your dreams that God has placed
in your heart. Well my friend,
that DREAM. You are not suppose to stop there. 
Maybe it's over, but you're not finished!!!!
It is not the completion of your destiny. 
God has a plan!

"A tragic end can become a tremendous
testimony to the grace of an Almighty God
because they didn't stop"
 Brian Huston 

" Once we have come to the end of our 
self-sufficiency, God will empower us to do the
tasks He has ordained for us."
Charles Stanley

When Jesus died on the cross the disciples
thought it was the end. Can you imagine all
of the feelings and emotions they must have had?
  They probably felt defeated and hopeless, some maybe
even had guilty feelings or feelings of rejection 
or abandonment. They didn't understand that
what they saw finishing at
the end of Jesus life on the cross
would bring about a 
New and Glorious Beginning 
when he arose from the grave and
now  HE LIVES ♥♥♥

So my friend remember you were created
for a  special purpose and that dream in your heart, 
is most likely there,
because God put that desire inside  of you
Don't stop at an ENDING, because a
new beginning could be exactly what is
needed to fulfill your purpose.
Don't stop where you are not suppose to.

"I will instruct you (says the Lord)
and guide you along the 
best pathway for your life; I will 
advise you and watch your progress."
Psalm 32:8 (TLB)

"An amazing set back can mean an 
amazing come back!"
Brian Huston

Standing on the sidewalk cheering and clapping
as you go by  for your new beginnings!
Go girlfriend...go girlfriend...go girlfriend!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Taking Door # 2 Today

We all have some of those times in life where we 
could use some uplifting after a let down.  I've decided 
to do something special for ME today.
In life we usually have more than one choice. We
can choose door one where we keep analyzing our less
than perfect circumstance
we could choose door two
that takes us out on an adventure in 
making another person's day a little better.

I've decided to take door two today and go out and see
who I can cheer up or just help out
with a compliment or smile or a helping hand.
It's one of the best sure ways to get out of a
down in the dumps countenance. 

Rachel over at
sparked this idea in my head after reading 
her post today.  I love Rachel and you will also.
Go and check out her  sweet attitude
  and also her sweet baking tips and photos.

Doing something for someone else
really is encouraging to both the 
receiver and the giver. 
Don't you agree?

I feel like I'm always the one to be blessed
on the receiving end but today 
I'm anxious to see if I can make someone else smile!   
Do you want to join me?

I'll let you know how it goes!

If you want to join me,
let's meet up at the fire hydrant
by the coffee shop!
Hmmm, I always end up at that same spot
for some reason???

Oh and remember this.....

"He has made everything beautiful in its time."
Ecclesiastes 3:11a

Wait on me at that fire hydrant! Okay?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ready To Roll

Hello everyone! How are YOU today?
  Rolling with the punches of life can
be very difficult sometimes
but so WORTH IT. (eventually!!)

So I'm back today and ready to roll and hope
you are ready to roll right along with me.  I want to
encourage YOU my friend, because I know
first hand the power one encouraging word,
phone call, email or deed can make.  
Don't ever take for granted, that even your 
smallest word or action, can make a huge difference
in the life of someone else because
IT DOES!!!!!

Let's continue on to roll here with

Everything here is from the thoughts of Beth Moore
(just some in my own paraphrasing)

These past chapters have been deep and uncover the
downside of life somewhat but it's important
to evaluate where we are,  so we can be free to
enjoy the wonderful life 
God alone can give and wants for us.
Anyway.....rolling on...

God knows that it's scary to be us!  

He knows and sees where some of those
insecure root systems begin.
Such as if there is:

 Instability in the home as child or as an adult.

Significant Loss - no matter what the size of the
loss, if it is huge to your heart, it is huge to God on
your behalf.

Rejection - anywhere there is relationship there
is potential for rejection. And since we were
created by God for relationship we have to
be very careful not to let this one disconnect us
from  others but rather work towards restoration
if possible.

Dramatic Change - "a history of unwelcome
changes can be a breeding ground for insecurity,
because it invites you to become addicted to dread." 
If not careful, you could give into your constant
expectation that something bad is about to
happen. And eventually because life is life,
bad things happen to everyone and your insecurity
could falsely deepen your commitment to 
forecasting doom.

Personal Limitations - such as a learning disability,
physical handicap, abnormality of any kind that
makes us feel different or inferior.
"Attitude is everything when it comes to limitations,
and the way you view yourself will acutely shape 
how others view YOU.  Nothing is more impressive
than a person who is secure in the
unique way God made her." 

Personal Disposition and Temperament - God is all
of the temperaments, so one is not better than the
other, but people who are especially tenderhearted
are more vulnerable to insecurity. 
(cough cough-wouldn't ya know it!   I still cry watching
Little House on The Prairie reruns)
But it's not a matter of weakness.  It's a matter
of personal sensitivity. God gave each of
us our own personal temperament for a reason, and
that reason is to glorify HIM.  

Beth Moore has covered so much in just a few 
chapters that I've shared with you today. YOU must
get the book to read for yourself to see all of the
other major points that I didn't even touch on. 

I want to encourage you
to take an inventory and then
 pull up those false roots that have kept
you bound. God wants YOU to BE YOU, the one
GOD designed SPECIAL and UNIQUE.
  The very one He DELIGHTS in every moment
of every day.  The one He never takes His 
eyes off of ~ Not even for one moment!
The one He loves so much 
that He died for YOU and ME. 

"The Lord takes pleasure in his people."
Psalm 149:4a  (TEV)

Let's continue to ROLL....
 I'm rolling up and down the same hills with YOU!
(just like the rolling game I played in the yard as a kid) 
 Maybe we will bump into each other and I promise
 if we do, I will stop and giggle, maybe say excuse 
me and then ask you to get up and play tag or 
something.  OKAY?


Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Busy Building My Lemonade Stand

This has been an unusual week!
It's not worked out for me to blog and
I haven't
had much of a chance to
visit your blogs to find 
out what's happening with you.
I've missed YOU all .

Let's just say I've been tested a bit
this week with one of the very subjects
that I've been reading and art journaling
about on this blog regarding
Beth Moore's book:
So Long Insecurity.

Just when you think you are being 
a teacher on a subject, you find 
yourself as the student once again!

Life happens!  It happens to
us all and I've decided
it's  nice to know that whatever
we go through we can be sure
it will pass and be used
to help someone else one day. 
Knowing this helps me through.

I am so doing a lemonade stand
with my 4 yr. old granddaughter the next time 
I go to visit her in PA.  (if okay with mommy!)

"The wiser a person is,
the less they know for sure!"
Liz Becker

Rick Warren says in his book:
The Purpose Driven Life 

"Character is both developed and
revealed by tests,
and all of life is a test.  You are always
being tested. God constantly 
watches your response to people,
problems, success, conflict, illness,
disappointment, and even the weather."
"The good news is that God wants you to
pass the tests of life, so he never
allows the tests you face to be greater
than the grace he gives you to handle them."

"God keeps his promise, and he will not
allow you to be tested beyond your power
to remain firm; at the time you are put 
to the test, he will give you the strength to 
endure it, and so provide you 
with a way out."
1 Corinthians 10:13 (Today's English Version TEV)

So my friend, if you are having
a week  like mine, remember
WE are not alone.  
God already has planned the way out 
and over and under,   just for us.

So come on over and make some
lemonade with me. 
I promise we will forget our 
troubles while we stand on the sidewalk
trying to sell those 5 cent lemonades!
Wouldn't that be a hoot?
 Have A Great Weekend!