"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."

Ida Scott Taylor

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am here again today to tell you what I have
learned after 3 weeks of reading 
book called So Long Insecurity.

First of all I want to make sure and tell YOU
how much all of your comments
  have meant to me while doing this study.
At first when I started
sharing my vulnerable thoughts on this subject
through art journaling and letting you
all  see, I was reluctant! (for a second or two)

But then I decided if even one other person
is helped by me putting my real self out there,
then....  IT IS WORTH IT ALL.
Thank you my sweet friends!

This was a difficult one to get through because 
it brought up a lot of old baggage that
I dealt with and put behind me years ago.  Who 
wants to relive that depressing stuff? The thing is, 
I think even old stuff we've taken care of
and moved on from
needs revisited or given a quick check-up
now and again
just to make sure our roots haven't 
attached themselves to some old crabgrass that 
has disguised itself as a root of grass.

This is a view of my neighbor's shed window.

Everything I am saying here is from Beth's words. I've
just paraphrased them a little.

The fearful lie that no one will
take care of us 
can become rooted in even a child
if they've been the victim of any kind of abuse.
(emotional, mental, physical, verbal, or sexual)

It not only causes immediate effects, it also goes
straight to the core of our belief system and
seems as bad as our worst nightmare.
I'm on my own!  No one will take care of me.
The earlier this lie is confirmed, the louder it speaks.

The sense of being unprotected can destroy 
personal boundaries and mess
up our emotions big-time!  Trying to find another
soul-mate, friend etc.. who will
take care of us and not disappoint
is impossible.  No human 
relationship can handle that much pressure!

On my art journal page above, you will see Jesus 
hands touching the sides of my cheeks. Many times
when I am talking to Him I imagine 
my Heavenly Father warmly taking my 
face in His hands, and saying
This always brings me to tears as I thank
HIM for the comfort, love, joy, peace and security that
He alone has given me so fully.

My friend, if you struggle with this fear, please
know that no human being can fill 
that void and ache in your soul.  I hope you
will give it up today and let God
fill it as only He can and wants to do for YOU.

I know this post is long, but I want to end with
these quoted words from Beth Moore:

"If you've lived your life
looking for someone to take care of you
but always end up
taking care of everyone else,
your search is OVER
GOD has what you need, 
you'll  NEVER  wear Him out."

Hugs to you all,


God Whispers said...

Amen Lee Ann. Love what you shared from Beth. Blessings to you and thank you always for your encouraging words.

Bren said...

Not to worry my friend we can more than take the real LeeAnn, I love your genuine, vulnerable self for none of us have it together and I can certainly relate to all that you've been sharing. It's been my own battle as well. Together we find God in the heart of it and we walk the same paths, separated only by miles :-)
The artwork on your journal page is powerful, moving. Thank you for sharing yourself so fully with the world, it challenges and inspires us to do the same.

Mary said...

Lee Ann, this post is amazing in so many ways!!

First, thank you for being open and vulnerable. Thank you for speaking truth.

I think even when we have seen the lie and have dealt with it, it still can affect the way we do life. For me, it is a process. When I know I am reacting out of my old way of doing life (the lie) I can stop and take it to Jesus. But I had to see it in the first place, to be able to do that.

I also wanted to tell you what a beautiful journal page you created.
Just beautiful and precious!!

I just want to give you a huge hug!!!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm so glad God has delivered you from some stuff LeAnn. That book was really annointed. I loved it too. Your journal pages are just amazing. I am simply moved by them!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

First of all you art is just BEAUTIFUL....I love it.
Second thanks for sharing on her book, I am continuing in it, but got sidetracked for right now in Max Lucado's "Fearless"...the books seem to go hand in hand...I shared from what I am learning from that book this week, "Fear - Courage Spoken"
It seems like God is doing a lot of work on some of us during this stage of life...thanks so much for sharing...I was truly blessed...Love, love the picture..oh, what talent!

Odd Chick said...

This is a precious, precious post and your art only cemented the ideas in my head. Man, I can so see us doing lunch together. There are just some people whose hearts seem so close even though they are a million miles away from each other. Only Christ can do that. Thanks for sharing your sweet heart with us.

Nancy said...

Girl, I could just hug you....we are so in the same place and you will never know what an encouragement you are to me because you choose to be real and transparent....I have seen myself in all your posts since you started reading this book...I need to go back and start where you are and we could share with each other along the way....

Now to the journal page...do you know how talented you are? The pictue is a perfect expression of your words but beside that it is beautiful and powerful.....I love the way you paint....those hands on that face just makes me tear up....I could go on and on but I will stop....

Thanks for takin a chance on us..we love you just the way you are dear friend.......

DJ said...

Lee Ann, after reading this post, I had to take a tearful timeout away from the computer before I could comment. This hit really close to home, so I'll probably be ordering Beth's book and doing some digging myself.
With gratitude and hugs ~ DJ

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

You girls are all making me so glad that I shared from my real heart today.

You each inspire me so much!
Thank you!
Lee Ann

lori vliegen said...

oh, lee ann, this is the most wonderful post!! what a blessing it is when God speaks through others.....and when we least expect it! thank you for allowing God to use you as the sweetest vessel! your journal page is so authentic....and absolutely wonderful!! xox, :))

Martha Lever said...

Hi Lee Ann,
At first I didn't see the nails in His hands... but then I did... and that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this. It's a beautiful beautiful picture your created.

JANET! said...

I'm speechless, Lee Ann!!!!!! You are AMAZING. Thank you, thank you, thank you for using your gifts to touch our hearts!!!! xoxoxoxoooo

Deborah Ann said...

I haven't done this study, but it seems similar to Beth's "Breaking Free" bible study.

Isn't it amazing how much garbage we continue to carry around? My dumpster is full...do you have any room in yours? Heheh...

Jennifer Richardson said...

I am SO there with you, dear LeeAnn! So thankful for the breaths of life He is breathing into me as I share this journey with you and other like-minded hearts. I appreciate you sharing so honestly. And the photo of the window.....deep drink of water to my soul.

Such a beautiful journey you're on....it looks gorgeous on you!

Melanie said...

This is truly an awesome book!!! I love your honestly and share your heart. I wanted so much to post about this book, but I also just felt it was so 'raw' and left me a bit afraid to share, but you are so RIGHT about posting in hopes to help someone else. THANK YOU for this post.

~ melscoffeebreak.blogspot.com ~

Kathy and Robert said...

I'm new to your blog but I absolutely LOVE it! I am so encouraged!