"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering."

Ida Scott Taylor

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road Trippin for a few Days!

Tomorrow morning hubby and I
will be leaving bright and early to travel
7 hours away to our
oldest daughter's home.  We couldn't miss going
to our granddaughter's 4 year old birthday party!
I cannot wait to wear the pointed birthday hats and
blow the birthday blow whistle thingies and sing to our 
sweet Ella.   I will be back to posting once again next 
Monday. Yes, it's a quick trip, but so worth it for all of
the hugs and kisses waiting on us.

I'll leave you with the cutest video 
of my granddaughter's recent preschool program. 
We decided that she is no
longer shy, nor does she have stage fright! 
You will see what I mean once you view it. 
She is the one in black and white
and is doing a lot of her own dance steps
to the music.  Oh and if
you watch at least three fourths the way through
 you will see where she decides to add
her own dynamic ending
to one of the songs with the splits!!
This kinda mortified mommy
since she was in a dress. 
I just love her innocent and spirited enthusiasm
for life!

I had some trouble getting this to download
where you could view it well. The best way to watch it is to
double click anywhere on the video and it will take you to the
video on You Tube. You can see it in full there. 

See you in a few days.  Have a great weekend!


Bren said...

Oh LeeAnn that gave me the best chuckle and I've lost my heart to your little Grand-daughter, may she always go through life with such gusto. I just know God is loving it! I'm also thinking you just might have a Funniest Home Video winner on your hands :-) So go ahead and have the most elaborate of joyous times with your family, you can recover when you get home!

Mary said...

That was wonderful!!! She is so full of life!! It was a joy to watch! You must sing and dance with her to that song when you see her next!!!! And give her a big squeeze from me and tell her to keep praising from her precious heart!!!

Have fun with your family!!!


Tina said...

Oh my ...enjoy that little gift of a girl.
Safe travels

Jackie said...

LOL!! She Is a ball of sunshine! She made me laugh and she was certainly shining up there. Hope you have a wonderful trip and she has a wonderful Birthday!!

Heart2Heart said...

Lee Ann,

I do have to agree you should enter that in America's Funniest! She truly does have the Spirit of God bouncing through her and I can only imagine how much Jesus was looking down and smiling from ear to ear.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness.....what an absolute sweetie pie your little ella is!!! i got such a kick out of watching her....i know you'll enjoy spending her birthday with her!!! and maybe she'll do the splits again for you!!! too cute! have a safe, blessed trip!!! :))

DJ said...

What JOY !!!!
What would happen to the world if every Christian showed that much JOY for JESUS?????
I pray that's what Heaven is like...

Butterfly Works said...

Did she get all that talent from her Grandmother? Seeing children sing and dance just makes my heart sing and your granddaughter is so precious and uninhabited and just makes me smile...I have a 3 yr old granddaughter that is much like yours...they would be a hoot together.....I love their "just being me" attitude.....Have a wonderful time on your visit..
Hugs and Blessings,