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Ida Scott Taylor

Saturday, February 13, 2010


First off, I want to ask your opinion on my new glasses.  I liked them when I picked them out, but my daughter thinks they look too wide.  Be honest, what do you think?



So on to something new I tried creating. A local church has opened up an art ministry where anyone can come and join in on art classes they offer on making various types of creations. They offer the classes absolutely free!  Isn't that an awesome gift to give your community?

At this class I learned how to create
Foam and Lino Cut Block Printing. 

This is part of my sketch pressed into foam with a pencil.

  I started with a thin piece of foam and used a pencil to sketch on my design.  Then I went back over my sketch by pressing harder with the pencil to make my indents. Next I rolled on some paint and then pressed it onto the paper to make my print.  I actually like my sketch on the foam with paint still on it better than the actual printed piece on the paper.

The is the entire sketch penciled onto foam. There is paint left over on the sketch from when it was printed onto paper.


 This is my sketch that I printed on paper from my foam.

It was really fun learning this and I can see where you could use this in collage art or even make a design to print directly onto a wall as a stencil etc..

If you have a creation you'd like to
share with us, 
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Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, Lee Ann! What a great blog you have. And I do not think your new glasses are wide at all. They are quite stylish!

Thanks for sharing that foam technique. I had not heard of using foam, but what an excellent idea! I'll have to try that sometime. Your sketch is beautiful and makes me yearn for spring!

Tonya said...

Dear LeeAnn, I say this with all the love and kindness a friend in blogland can have, I agree with your daughter. A littler thinner I think would be perfect. Blessings to you!

Andrea said...

Love your new glasses.
Hope you have an awesome weekend.
Blessings, andrea

deborahspalette said...

I like your new glasses, you can clearly see your beautiful green eyes.
This saturday I will be working on some more Art Pendents. I srink my original artwork,print and create cool pendants out of glass tiles. There's pictures at my blog.
Have a great weekend and many blessings, Deborah

Mary said...

Hi Lee Ann, you are so sweet to ask about me. I am fine, it was just a busy week for me.

I love the glasses, Since I wear them I know a good fit is important. I would say if they are comfortable they are fine. I notice you have high cheekbones like me, and sometimes glasses too large will rise with each smile!! :) I wear progressive lenses, and getting them narrow enough is a challenge sometimes. I like how they look - it's if they are comfy.

Jensmere said...

Love the glasses, girlfriend!!! They make a nice frame for your beautiful eyes!!! I just got new lenses put in my old frames and am having a tough time getting used to them...these narrow lenses with gradient bifocals are a trip (sometimes literally!lol!)

Love you artwork!!! You have inspired me to try to start something like this at my church. I used to do lessons years ago...maybe now it the time to start again. I have just gotten some of my jewelry posted on my blog..just click on the 'joyous jewels' on the main menu. Enjoy!

Thanks for always being an encourager!!!
Bless you,

Jeanne Oliver said...

I love this!!! So fun. I love learning new creative things.

DJ said...

Lee Ann, You're so attractive, you can pull of any style of eyeglasses. They will all look good on you, because your light just beams, kid!
Love the print, but you're right: the block always looks more interesting, for some reason. As you know, some artists just present the block for an exhibit as a piece of art itself.
Yours is beautiful, so go for it.
Have a great week~

Jackie said...

I really like your glasses...very cute! Honest! Your creativity inspires me. I hope you have a great day.


Rebecca said...

I have LOTS of trouble being confident in the selection of new frames....and I'm OVERdue for an eye exam and new frames. (I've had these for close to 4 year! Where does the time go?)

If you like them and if they fit (as someone else has said), I wouldn't worry about it. Your smile and "glow" are the first things I noticed - but then I'm new to your blog.

Love the church's art class idea!

Jess said...

Mom, it's really sweet to see how awesome your blog readers are to you. I don't click on the comments all the time, but whenever I do, I'm glad I did. :-) I have no clue what to say about your glasses--I'm still the only one in the fam who doesn't have them. Jaymie would know, but if you like them, that's all that matters. I would have the smile-w/-high cheekbones issue. Do you?

You're so cute! Only MY mom would ask her blog readers about her glasses.

Love you,


PS I hope I age like you. Right now I feel like I look more like 35 than 30!:-)